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Nowadays a great number of people do not have a job. Despite this fact they get money from a state every month. But is such practice as necessary as it seems to be?

From my point of view, such people who are unemployed do not need to get state benefits. Firstly, some of them want to lead a happy life without work and responsibilities. They just get some money and spend them only to buy food and they are sure it is a really beautiful life. Secondly, people who have lost their job. people have lost their job because of scientific and technological progress. They need a lot of time to master another occupation. Besides, job loss may cause psychological traumas and some money may really help you to solve your problems.

But I still believe every person should work.

It makes your life interesting and helps you to develop. But state benefits for unemployed are a chance to live without working. In addition, such state benefit leads to increase of jobless people. important and just moral measure, but I am sure such practice lead to serious deterioration of national economy. People often choose a job which has a good salary.

В настоящее время у большого числа людей нет работы. Несмотря на этот факт, каждый месяц они получают деньги от государства. Но такая практика необходима, как кажется?

С моей точки зрения, таким людям, которые являются безработными, не нужно получать государственные пособия. Во-первых, некоторые из них хотят вести счастливую жизнь без работы и обязанностей. Они просто получают деньги и тратят их только на то, чтобы купить еду, и они уверены, что это действительно красивая жизнь. Во-вторых, люди, которые потеряли работу. люди потеряли работу из-за научно-технического прогресса. Им нужно много времени, чтобы овладеть другим занятием. Кроме того, потеря работы может вызвать психологические травмы, и некоторые деньги могут действительно помочь вам решить ваши проблемы.

Но я все еще верю, что каждый человек должен работать. Это делает вашу жизнь интересной и помогает вам развиваться. Но государственные пособия для безработных - это шанс жить без работы. Кроме того, такая государственная выгода приводит к увеличению числа безработных. важная и справедливая моральная мера, но я уверен, что такая практика ведет к серьезному ухудшению национальной экономики. Люди часто выбирают работу, которая имеет хорошую зарплату.

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Перевод текста про инфляцию, решение упражнений ( реферат , курсовая , диплом , контрольная )

1. Read and translate the text from English:

Inflation is generally defined as a persistent rise in the general price level with the corresponding rise in output, which leads to a corresponding fall in the purchasing power of money.

In this section we shall look briefly at the problems that inflation causes for business and consider whether there are any potential benefits for an enterprise from an inflationary period.

Inflation varies considerably in its extent and severity. Hence, the consequences for the business community differ according to circumstances. Mild inflation of a few per cent each year may pose few difficulties for business. However, hyperinflation, which entails enormously high rates of inflation, can create almost insurmountable problems for the government, business consumers and workers. In post war Hungary, the cost of living was published each day and workers were paid daily so as to avoid the value of their earnings falling. Businesses would have experienced great difficulty in costing and pricing their production while the incentive for people to save would have been removed.

Demand-pull inflation occurs when demand for a nation’s goods and services outstrips that nation’s ability to supply these goods and services. This causes prices to rise generally as a means of limiting demand to the available supply.

An alternative way that we can look at this type of inflation is to say that it occurs when injections exceed withdrawals and the economy is already stretched (i.e. little available labour or factory space) and there is little scope to increase further its level of activity.

Alternatively, inflation can be of the cost-push variety. This takes place when firms, face increasing costs. This could be caused by an increase in wages owing to trade union militancy, the rising costs of imported raw materials and components or companies pushing up prices in order to improve their profit margins.

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a surge/increase/rise in inflation The rise in inflation will be seen as a major set-back for the chancellor.

above/below inflation He is planning to increase public spending by 3.3% above inflation for the next three years.

keep pace with/outstrip inflation The agency's budget has not kept pace with inflation and the staff has been cut.

Примеры для inflation

However, if the rate of inflation is increased excessively, real returns will be driven down to the point where credit market frictions become binding.

These actions may induce movements in nominal stock returns that cancel out or taper off those induced by innovations in real activity or inflation.

After all, rational investors should adjust nominal returns to changes in inflation, in the dividend process and in the discount factor.

Along these paths, as often happens with observed series, inflation is autocorrelated and deviations from target cannot be accounted for as simple stochastic innovations.

Clearly, for values of around 1, this cannot be expected because past inflation has almost no predictive power.

The initial inflation target was 3% until the end of 1992 and then it was reduced to 2% in 1993 until the end of 1995.

Note that all variables except for the interest and inflation rates are in logarithms and refer to deviations from some exogenous equilibrium (growth path).

Figure 3 shows that the optimal volatility of inflation decreases when the elasticity of demand increases (the markup decreases).

Lower inflation rates not only lead to clearer pricing signals and better investment decisions by economic agents, but also protect fixed income earners.

An interesting question is whether an inflation threshold, for example, of 10 percent is significantly different from a threshold of 8 percent or 15 percent.

But, as soon as the war ended, social unrest spread rapidly because of fierce inflation and other factors.

For simplicity, the inflation rate, the money growth rate, and the output growth rate are assumed to be zero in the steady-state.

Любые мнения в примерах не отражают мнение редакторов Cambridge Dictionary или издательства Cambridge University Press или ее лицензиаров.

Коллокация с inflation


Нажмите на словосочетание, чтобы увидеть больше примеров.

We note that use of the change in the inflation rate as a transition variable generates switching between periods of decreasing and accelerating inflation .

Inflation was calculated by averaging the annual inflation rate in each country for the period from 1986 to 1995.

Given the specified utility functions, the real wage increases in the demand for labor and in the expected inflation tax.

Эти примеры взяты из Cambridge English Corpus и из источников в Интернете. Любые мнения в примерах не отражают мнений редакторов Cambridge Dictionary или издательства Cambridge University Press или ее лицензиаров.

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1. Сколько стоит помощь?

Специалистам под силу выполнить как срочный заказ, так и сложный, требующий существенных временных затрат. Для каждой работы определяются оптимальные сроки. Например, помощь с курсовой работой – 5-7 дней. Сообщите нам ваши сроки, и мы выполним работу не позднее указанной даты. P.S.: наши эксперты всегда стараются выполнить работу раньше срока.

3. Выполняете ли вы срочные заказы?

Да, у нас большой опыт выполнения срочных заказов.

4. Если потребуется доработка или дополнительная консультация, это бесплатно?

Да, доработки и консультации в рамках заказа бесплатны, и выполняются в максимально короткие сроки.

5. Я разместил заказ. Могу ли я не платить, если меня не устроит стоимость?

Да, конечно - оценка стоимости бесплатна и ни к чему вас не обязывает.

6. Каким способом можно произвести оплату?

Работу можно оплатить множеством способом: картой Visa / MasterCard, с баланса мобильного, в терминале, в салонах Евросеть / Связной, через Сбербанк и т.д.

7. Предоставляете ли вы гарантии на услуги?

На все виды услуг мы даем гарантию. Если эксперт не справится — мы вернём 100% суммы.

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